The making of: "Born on the internet"

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In here i will detail the creation of the first collection called "Born on the Internet". I will share sketches, inspirations and overall thoughts behind every piece of this collection.

The purpose of this blog post is to give you a look behind the design process and show you the thoughts and weird reasons why each piece looks like it does. This hopefully also gives you a more personal and better understanding of what im creating and why.

The collection will be releasing one item at a time, with an undecided amount of time between each, and i will continuously be updating this page with each drop. So check back here after each release to learn more about each piece and the design process behind it.

I hope you will take the time to read through this, or atleast some of it, and i thank you for your time.

-Sofus Rasmussen
Owner and creator of Betise 

Internet Logo T-shirt

This is the first piece i made and what started the whole collection. I am not the biggest fan of the classic "name logo tees" but i wanted to make one with my own twist. 

The idea started out as a logo T-shirt with the “T” changed into a sword. It then quickly became the Tesla “T” logo, which then evolved into finding a logo for every letter. Below you can see the design process and different early iterations of the design.


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